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    Customer Spotlight

    Dionne Strickland

    Dionne Strickland is the Business Improvement lead for the Fisher & Paykel Customer Experience team. She is responsible? ?for the continuous improvement of work structure and processes across the Global Customer Experience group.

    Dionne’s deep technical expertise, coupled with her systems thinking approach and genuine passion for building people capability, make her a superb colleague and leader. Dionne is pragmatic and uncomplicated in her approach, which enables Fisher & Paykel to achieve strategic business and technological objectives while also improving CX.

    Dionne has held six different positions at Fisher & Paykel over her extensive 21-year career. Starting as a Technical Systems Administrator, she worked her way up through Systems Architecture, Service Management, IT Process Development, then onto a quick one-year stint as an IT Customer Objectives Manager. At that point she was provisioning leadership to teams of senior Business and Technical Analysts who implemented IT solutions. That position led her to her current role where she has focused on enhancing how the F&P CX team is able to self-serve and delight their customers.

    Fun fact: Dionne is of NZ Maori descent and was brought up in a small, predominantly Maori, coastal community on the East Coast of New Zealand. Maori tradition dictates that the eldest grandchild in each generation is brought up by the grandparents; this is to ensure that the traditional customs are passed on and the Maori culture is embraced. As the eldest grandchild, Dionne was brought up by her grandmother, and—from a very young age—followed her teachings to be of service to people.

    The Problem Fisher & Paykel Faced

    • Revenue loss – Field technicians were going to service customer accounts and returning with “No Fault Codes.” This cost Fisher & Paykel revenue and damaged the customer experience
    • Call center inefficiencies – In an effort to keep mean time to resolution (MTR) down, support agents sent field technicians to calls before diagnosing the issue
    • High-effort customer experience – Customers were requesting self-service, but were forced to call one of the global support centers, negatively impacting the F&P brand
    • Limited self-service resources – Lack of resources to help customers effectively self-serve in a low effort experience amplified the above issues

    What Fisher & Paykel Achieved

    • Complete overhaul of their customer self-service experience, enabling self-service, renewals, and the expansion of purchases from within their product line
    • In 16 weeks their Customer Success Center had nearly 150,000 pageviews, 16,500 sessions, and 12,500 users
    • Dramatically increased organic SEO, while empowering distribution and partner channels through product documentation and support materials
    • Online optimization of search experience, 72.11% Organic Traffic to date, 200,000 Google Clicks, and 1.3 Million Google impressions—all within its first 6 months