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    Customer Spotlight

    Steve Maisel

    Planview technical writer Steve Maisel is committed to delivering content in a just-in-time, omni-channel experience that drives customer success and turns users into product experts. The goal of these objectives, ultimately, is to increase total lifetime customer value. Maisel and team were tasked with creating a central framework to serve up conditional content to customers based on user credentials, as well as to reduce effort and impact customer effort score (CES).

    Initially, Steve was hired to update product training manuals, a project that had nothing to do with MindTouch. Soon, Steve was introduced to MindTouch on his next project, helping a fellow Customer Experience Team member by updating existing CSC pages. Later, he expanded his MindTouch knowledge while helping to build a sales enablement site. To help other employees manage this site after Steve moved on to other projects, he created a training document. This doc got the attention of his department manager and led to his now full-time role (see fun fact below). Currently, Steve uses MindTouch to create and edit help articles for Projectplace.

    Fun fact: Steve was originally a contractor working on the MindTouch implementation at Planview. Because of his dedication to learning the product to achieve the desired business outcomes, he was ultimately offered a full-time position with Planview. Now he works to maintain and configure multiple initiatives within the company that utilizes MindTouch.

    The Problem Planview Faced

    • Unreliable SharePoint implementation caused memory problems from excessive load, made maintaining brand integrity difficult, and delivered a high-effort search and navigation experience. On top of this Planview had no way of surfacing content just-in-time within other Planview assets (CRM, ticketing, LMS, etc.)
    • Lack of seamless document integration between help text, training materials, technical documentation, best practices, and eLearning
    • No actionable insights into how content was performing (what customers were finding helpful, search and click trends, etc.)
    • Bad user experience forced users to leave the main site to another site with inconsistent look and feel

    What Planview Achieved

    • Launched new Success Center offering a blended content experience
    • 194% increase in Success Center sessions (YoY)
    • 312% increase in Success Center users (YoY)
    • 83% increase in pageviews (YoY)
    • Better content engagement, including four pages per session (on average)