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    The Power of a Knowledge Management Platform to Transform the Customer Journey

    The Solution to Your—and Your Customers’—Challenges Starts at the Very Beginning

    Rethink your customer experience strategy by going where customers go

    The dynamics of the customer journey are constantly expanding and evolving. Traditional “inside-out” approaches to delivering service excellence are no longer sufficient. Read our MindTouch-sponsored whitepaper by Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact and experienced industry veteran, as she explores the ties between new self-service entry points and a strong foundation rooted in knowledge management.

    Strategic Contact Whitepaper - 570x500-Lander_Quote

    Table of Contents

    1. The Journey Begins Where the Customer Starts
    2. A Single Source of Truth for All Interactions
    3. Laying the Foundation for Knowledge Management
    4. Make Your Next Big Initiative About Knowledge Management
    Strategic Contact Whitepaper - 570x500-Lander_Img
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